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In the blink of an eye, thousands of guests dressed all in white arrive at a secret location for a chic picnic en masse—a global culinary phenomenon with “joie de vivre” and local flair!

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Moment by Moment

Le Rendez-Vous

Guests meet up all around the city with their tables, chairs, and picnic baskets in tow. Except for a few volunteers who will lead everyone to the event site, no one knows where they’re going…


Guests reach the secret location in a stunning wave of white. They come from all over! In just 20 minutes of organized chaos, thousands of guests set up their tables, chairs, and place-settings with great excitement and determination. Dinner is almost served!

The Napkin Wave

Once the scene is set, guests wave their white cloth napkins in the air, in unison, to signal that Le Diner is about to commence.

Le Dîner

Guests savour their carefully prepared meals and drink in this magical time and place with friends, new and old. Everyone remains seated until the meal is over.

End of dinner

Guests light up the sky to signal the end of their elegant dinner and the rest of the night. It’s time to mix and mingle and enjoy the live entertainment!

Let's Dance!

Everyone is up from their seats, taking pictures and getting out on that dancefloor!

Au revoir

Guests leave the scene, as though it was all a dream, with nothing but their belongings and memories to last a lifetime—or at least until next year!

80+ Diner en Blanc Around the World

Asia / Middle East


Each event has its own flair. See what the city has in store for you.

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Le Diner en Blanc always makes for a stunning scene. Have a look at the most memorable moments from each event.

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