Global Culinary Phenomenon

Le Diner en Blanc started in Paris, France, in 1988 with a simple idea: to gather friends and friends of friends for a night of good conversation, food, and wine in an iconic setting. Dressing in white was an elegant way to spot each other in a public space. Over the years, Le Diner en Blanc de Paris has graced one majestic venue after the next, with a record-breaking 17,000 guests toasting the 30th anniversary edition at the Esplanade des Invalides.

But nothing so magnificent can be kept secret from the rest of the world for too long… Le Diner en Blanc traveled to French Canada’s charming Montreal in 2009, and then to New York City in 2011 for a US debut that made the whole world hungry for a seat at the table. The NYC soirée hosted 1,200 guests from a long list of over 30,000 hopefuls, gourmands, and Francophiles, who all descended on the secret location (The World Financial Center Plaza) amid live music, dancing, and sparklers. That fateful night brought Diner en Blanc International to life in 2012 and sparked a global culinary phenomenon soon enjoyed by thousands of guests in Australia, the Ivory Coast, Mexico, Singapore, the UK, and yet more cities in Canada and the US.

Today, more than 120 cities have hosted Diner en Blanc events in over 40 countries around the world. While each has its own local flair, traditions, cuisines, and even languages, the concept’s charm and popularity springs from the shared values and desires—for joy, connection, beauty—already in each guest’s heart. Of course, none of it would be possible without the hard work and dedication of hosts and volunteers in every city! These trend-setters take on leadership roles in their communities and create new standards for lifting each other up. Le Diner en Blanc continues to grow organically, a little each year, to promote local economies, talent and entertainment, and locally grown and artisanal food.


10th Anniversary - 2023

Brisbane, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Vilnius all turn 10!

10th Anniversary - 2022

New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, San Diego, Sydney all turn 10!

Around the world - 2019

Over 75 cities around the world celebrate Le Diner en Blanc.

Paris & Montreal - 2018

Paris turns 30 & Montreal turns 10!

Around the world - 2015

Over 55 cities around the world celebrate Le Diner en Blanc.

Paris & Montreal - 2013

Paris turns 25 & Montreal turns 5!

Diner en Blanc International - 2012

The International adventure begins with Sydney, Philadelphia, Kigali, Abidjan, Mexico City…

New York - 2011

Le Diner en Blanc premieres in New York. The event triggers the worldwide infatuation!

Montreal - 2009

Montreal becomes the first city in North America to host Le Diner en Blanc.

Paris - 1988

Le Diner en Blanc is launched in Paris! Friends and friends of friends gather for the first time at Bois de Boulogne.