International team

Sandy Safi
Chief Executive Officer
Having started her career onstage in the performing arts, Sandy's love of the entertainment sector brought her to work in special events in 15 countries over the years. She has developed and managed large-scale concerts in Dubai, worked in the Opera world at prestigious locations such as the Los Angeles Opera, the Casino de Paris, and Barcelona's Gran Teatre del Liceu, and finally started her adventure with Diner en Blanc in 2011, when she applied her network and her experience to facilitate the first American Diner en Blanc in New York. She co-founded Diner en Blanc International in 2012, and then became the sole owner of the Diner en Blanc trademark and company in 2022. Above all, Sandy seeks to encourage creativity and connect culinary communities around the world.
Chantal Blanchard
Public Relations Specialist
As a publicist in the world of entertainment, Chantal was fortunate enough to travel the world for many years with Cirque du Soleil. Those amazing years on the road gave her the opportunity to somewhat satisfy her thirst for everything that is lifestyle i.e. food, wine, cocktails, fashion, urban life, architecture, design, etc. As Chantal would say “this career path and passion for all that is good in life predestined her to join the team of Diner en Blanc International.”
Lucia Sacco
Accounting & HR
Lucia brings over 2 decades of administrative and accounting experience to Diner en Blanc International. She has worked in the event planning industry since 2007 whereby she occupied the position of Accounting Director and Office Manager. “I feel blessed to be able to combine my organizational skills and passion for bringing events to life towards a career at Diner en Blanc International,” says Lucia. Her interpersonal skills are an asset when communicating with hosts and dealing with accounting specialists or government offices, all the while maintaining a high level of integrity.
Zina Acherir
Project Manager
Zina is a passionate and creative professional with concrete organizational and planning skills. Her educational background in event management allows her to innovate, communicate and visually translate ideas and visions to memorable experiences. Zina enjoys networking, planning, and travelling. "Working at Diner en Blanc International allows me to practice my passion on a daily basis and gives me the opportunity to meet amazing hosts all around the world, which also gives me the advantage of learning about different cultures and how other cities manage events."
Jennifer Soto
Project Manager
Jennifer’s experience in management in the education sector gives her the perfect balance of leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills. She loves working with hosts around the world, helping them plan their events in an organized and timely manner, while showing empathy and understanding of each city’s differences and needs. “I feel privileged to work with the team of Diner En Blanc International and be surrounded by culture, diversity, food, music, and friendship.”
Elizabeth Carbonell
Event Operations Strategist
As Production Manager, Elizabeth oversees all aspects of the production and coordination of the Diner en Blanc events hosted by Diner en Blanc International. Her 10-year background in event managing for an international design non-profit organization, and her previous work in the fashion industry, allowed her to travel around the world and learn from incredible people. In her free time, Liz has an active and vegan lifestyle. She enjoys going out to restaurants, trying new cocktails, working out and cooking.
Veronica Belafi
Communications & Special Projects
Veronica is the resident Communications expert at Diner en Blanc International. She first joined the team in 2016 as a copywriter/translator before moving to New York to pursue her PhD in Literature at Columbia University. Having returned home to Montreal, her work at Diner en Blanc now ranges in scope from copywriting to personnel management, trademark registration, partnership development, and special projects. She loves to cook and brews her own beer and kombucha.
Axelle Pierresteguy
IT Support & Project Manager
Axelle is a dynamic and youthful employee who has brought fresh and innovative ideas to the success of Le Diner en Blanc over the past few years. With a forward-thinking mindset and a talent for finding creative solutions, Axelle brings a vibrant energy to her work. She has always had a passion for the arts, including music, dance, theater, and filmmaking. Once she realized she could combine her love for the arts with her skills in managing and creating, she knew that the event-planning world was the perfect fit for her.
Fiorella Arbanil
Client Relations & Business Development
With over two decades of service in customer relations and twelve years of sales experience, Fiorella brings a wealth of expertise to her current role in Client Relations and Business Development. It is her mission to identify and secure hosts to produce Le Diner en Blanc events in cities worldwide. With a bachelor’s degree in advertising, marketing, and social media management, she has cultivated a strong foundation for driving strategic growth and fostering enduring client partnerships, and she is committed to expanding the reach and impact of Diner en Blanc globally.
Batin Can Balkan
IT Project Manager
As the IT Project Manager at Diner en Blanc International, Batin applies his skills in innovative IT solutions to enhance unique event experiences and connect with incredible hosts globally. Le Diner en Blanc is a cultural platform where technology meets tradition, allowing one to see firsthand how cities around the world bring their unique flair to their event. Each day offers new opportunities to merge his IT expertise with a passion for creating memorable moments.
David Gallego
Full Stack Developer
David is a passionate software developer who brings creativity and dedication to every project. He believes that helping others meet their goals is how we drive innovation and create meaningful change. He also possesses the ability to adapt to different situations and offer a unique perspective which enriches discussions and fosters a culture of creative problem-solving.
Ibrahim Bob Chedid
International Development
Ibrahim excels in communication, navigating interpersonal dynamics with finesse and empathy. His exceptional ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds fosters strong relationships and lays the foundation for fruitful collaborations. As a skilled business developer, Ibrahim possesses a keen strategic mindset, identifying opportunities and crafting innovative solutions to propel growth. His knack for understanding market trends and leveraging his extensive network makes him an invaluable asset to Diner en Blanc International.